Monday, March 7, 2011

Power of the Poppy now Available

My fifth book, Power of the Poppy: Harnessing Nature's Most Dangerous Plant Ally, is now available on Amazon and elsewhere.  It's a departure from my usual Vodou-oriented writing, but not so large as one might think.  Because there was little available material on Haitian Vodou by and for serious practitioners, I wrote The Haitian Vodou Handbook.  And when I started doing research on plant shamanism and plant allies, I found that one of our most important plant allies had been almost completely ignored. I also found that nobody was talking about the quid pro quo which is such a part of a shaman's work with allies. They aren't just benevolent green spirits waiting to teach you wisdom - like the lwa, they demand payment for their services.

I really enjoyed writing and researching this book, and hope that my readers will enjoy it as well.


  1. Reading it now and enjoying it very much.

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